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Torpids 2019 roundup

Hilary Term 2019 marked the first proper occasion for TCBC this season to show off what they had achieved with all the hard training over the winter. After last year’s snow-blighted Torpids, 2019 was a refreshing change with our crews able to train and race in kit normally reserved for the summer months – and with the sunshine came some really impressive boat speed. Both M1 and W1 were able to move up 3 spots, leaving M1 now 9th on the river, and W1 within a few spots of the coveted spot in Division 1.


M1 putting down the watts on their way to bumping Jesus

Having finally got the boat upgrade they’ve been requesting for several years, M1 put the new Hudson Super Predator to good use. After bumping Magdalen on day 1, the men went on to catch Jesus and Hertford in a set of rapid bumps before Donnington Bridge, showing that the top-end speed and dynamism that the crew has been working on has really paid off. Balliol await them next year!

W1 bumped St Edmund Hall, Lincoln and LMH, showing particular guts in the Lincoln bump to grind them down opposite Boathouse Island, but were frustratingly denied a bump on LMH on Thursday as carnage in the Gut meant that several crews were awarded a Technical Row-Over. The saying goes that good crews go +3, and lucky crews go +4; even without luck on their side it was a tremendous performance especially from a crew which started out in Michaelmas with 4 seniors.

M2 also had a very encouraging Torpids, showing real technical and physical improvements from last term, especially considering the small size of the squad. The bumps result belies the crew’s performance, as they came very close to bumping on the first two days, only to have it snatched away from them by the crews in front bumping out. A bump on New College on Friday and a strong row-over on Saturday was a very satisfying performance for this year’s novices, and we expect that the training camp over Easter will really give them the chance to step up.

TCBC Sponsored Row

This November 3rd, TCBC are embarking on a marathon-distance sponsored row from Wallingford to Oxford to help raise money for the continued costs of supporting a top-level college boat club. The ongoing costs of equipment refurbishment, race entry and coaching still remain a challenge, and we hope to secure further financial stability for TCBC. The event will be a joint venture with Fulham Reach Boat Club, thereby aiming to raise money both to support TCBC and also the excellent work Fulham Reach do in providing rowing training for state schools along the Tideway. In addition, we also aim to promote the Trinity connection with the Fulham Reach schools, which is now part of the College’s access programme. For further information, please follow the link below.

Rowers will come from both clubs, including four students from Burlington Danes Academy in White City – a first for all involved. At the end of a very long day, hungry rowers, coxes and coaches will all meet for dinner and celebrations in Trinity.

We are very grateful for the financial support which we receive from our many friends. All donations will be eligible for Gift Aid and the total raised from this appeal will be divided equally between Trinity College Boat Club and Fulham Reach Boat Club.

Thank you for your help.

Donations should be directed to

Magnificat refurbishment complete

One of TCBC’s oldest boats and long-time stalwart of the women’s squad has today completed her full refurbishment! With brand new internal fittings and shoes, not to mention the best paint job in the boathouse, Magnificat will continue her storied career with TCBC in style. We’re looking forward to getting out on the water with her! Thanks to boatman Mark Seal for his tireless work on this project.




TCBC – 2018 in review

The 2018-19 season was a very solid one for TCBC, with some notable success on the men’s side and a great deal of guts showed by all the crews. Perhaps more than any other season I’ve been with TCBC it can be said that the club had genuine momentum carrying over into 2018-19.

The rowing season followed its usual pattern: Christchurch Regatta to really start off the racing, followed by Torpids, Head of the River Race and Summer VIIIs. However, as has been increasingly the case in the last few years, Torpids was hit by poor weather, with snowstorms and extreme temperatures rendering Thursday and Friday unrowable, and Saturday only open to top divisions. This was a frustrating development for many of the novices, who were looking forward to showing off their strength, and the fact that they threw their all behind the boat club despite the harsh winter depriving them of racing opportunities truly bodes well for the upcoming season, and represents exactly the kind of positive attitude that TCBC has come to embody.

Men’s squad

The men’s side was lucky enough to be bolstered by several talented freshers from the schoolboy rowing circuit, who were a welcome complement to the strength that TCBC has been cultivating over the last few years. In addition, a large and rather promising novice cohort meant that we were really able to hit the ground running.


M1 started off their racing in earnest at Henley 4s and 8s Head in February, on what would prove to be the only warm day for several months! A solid performance here saw them go into Torpids with much confidence. Despite a gutsy loss to a very fast Teddy Hall crew on Wednesday of Torpids followed by two days of no racing, M1 kept the focus and bumped twice on Saturday, including an overbump on St Johns to move firmly back up into Division 1 and prove to the world at large that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Torpids was swiftly followed by the Head of the River Race, the UK’s most prestigious head race and one at which TCBC men have been a sporadic presence in the last few years. This was to be our best result in several years, coming in 4th fastest of the Oxford colleges and just 20 seconds off Christchurch, the (then) headship holders.

At Summer VIIIs, M1 put in a truly dominating performance, showing that Torpids was no fluke: New, St Catz and Magdalen were dispatched ruthlessly before the race had even reached Donnington Bridge – with the latter two bumps being achieved despite missing our strongest rower! Although agonisingly missing out on Blades, M1 sets itself up very well for next season with a new boat and a good number of returners. We look forward to seeing what they can do!


A flying start to the training season from M2 saw them keen to show their strength as quickly as possible at Christchurch Regatta, backed up by coach (and former president) Rob Jones who reckoned that they were the “fastest TCBC M2 in 10 years”. However, the crew’s enormous potential was matched by equally enormous amounts of bad luck, as the Christchurch campaign was marred by a (now infamous) crash. Torpids, too, was not to be: M2 bumped convincingly on Wednesday only to have a shot at Blades snatched away by the inclement weather.

At Summer VIIIs, M2 bumped strongly on Wednesday and Thursday. However, disaster was to strike: the loss of a key rower to M1 due to illness and absence in that crew, followed by a freak equipment failure saw those gains reversed on Friday and Saturday. A frustrating ending for a crew that deserved more from their season, but to their credit the M2 boys responded with determination rather than despair, and we think they could be just as fast next season.

Women’s squad

The women’s squad started in the opposite situation to the men’s, with several of their most experienced rowers graduating. As with the men’s side however, the size and dedication of the novice intake was able to mount sizeable resistance in the face of this adversity.

At both Torpids and VIIIs the W1 squad put in some very gutsy performances despite having the most inexperienced crew of any boat in their division. The crew were able to move up one spot on Wednesday of Torpids, and produced a fantastic row-over on Friday of VIIIs that clearly showed their determination to succeed. What was highly impressive was how much the novices in the squad had come on over the course of the year – certainly no mean feat, and we expect them to be back and hunting for vengeance next season.

The fielding of a full W2 crew, which TCBC is not always able to manage, shows the depth of the squad and represented a really good opportunity for the large novice intake to settle into the boat club and get some racing experience. The W2 squad will also be able to take advantage next season of a fully refurbished boat.

A particular highlight of the women’s season was TCBC’s inaugural collaboration with Fulham Reach Boat Club, which saw the women head down there over the Easter vacation for training camp there. Thanks to the fantastic facilities provided by Fulham Reach, the women were able to get some solid training done and move squad progress along. We hope that this will be the first of many such collaborations, and TCBC thanks Fulham Reach for their generosity in agreeing to host us.

Upper Thames (30th October 2016)

Trinity M4+ and W4+ had a fantastic day at Henley competing in the Upper Thames Autumn Head. Both teams had strong rows and it was an enjoyable occasion had by all. W4+ were particularly proud to row better than they ever had before, despite technical issues making us nearly miss the start!

M4+ Crew: Roshan Sreekumar (Stroke), Seb Morton, Rob Jones, Jan Meinicke. Cox: Morgan Elsmore

W4+ Crew: Sophie Badman (Stroke), Emily Davenport, Nicole Rosenfeld, Laura Wheatley. Cox: Maddie Latham


Autumn Fours (23rd October 2016)

Congratulations to Trinity W4+ (Lucy Martin, Emilie Noteboom, Sophie Badman and Emily Davenport) who came second in the Autumn Fours Regatta last Sunday on the Isis. After a contentious win against Jesus W4+, Trinity secured a strong victory against St Hilda’s by 2.5 lengths but unfortunately were beaten by the more experienced W4+ Hertford boat in the final. A fantastic way to start this year’s rowing season!

TCBC Taster Day

Come along to our TCBC taster day on Saturday 0th week of Michaelmas Term! There will be a chance for all novices to try our rowing and sign up; as well as FREE FOOD on the BBQ and brand new TCBC T shirts on sale. Ian will also be running the bar. All money raised goes to TCBC so bring some money, get involved and support our boat club!


Rio Olympics Success

Rio Olympics Success

Congratulations to Constantine Louloudis, Trinity Old Member, who won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. Please click here for main article.

Image result for constantine louloudis

Constantine Louloudis, Trinity Old Member

Rio Selection

Michael DiSanto, who is reading for an MSc in Psychiatry at Trinity, has been selected to row for the United States of America in the forthcoming Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro.



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